Robert Reed
Robert Reed

This web site is dedicated to the late Robert Reed. I am a big fan of Mr.
Reed's. I have been a fan of his for eight years. I was in elementary school
when I first watched an episode of "The Brady Bunch." I was in either the forth
or fifth grade. I am pretty sure I was in the fifth grade. I am now a senior in high
school. Mr. Reed was wonderful in the episode of "Wonder Woman." "Wonder
Woman" was on in the 1970s and starred Lynda Carter and Lyle Waggoner.
Mr. Reed was in the episode called "The Pluto File." He played The Falcon. I
am lucky enough to have a copy of the script. He was wonderful in that
episode. "The Pluto File" was on during the first season of "Wonder Woman."

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October 19, 1932-May 12, 1992
Robert Reed
October 19, 1932 - May 12, 1992
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